Here's a handy guide of all the tools that I use most often when I bartend. Scroll down for photos & descriptions!

Stir Glasses & Spoons:

  • Stir Glass: A stirring glass is used for all boozy aromatic cocktails usually containing only booze. Cocktails like a Manhattan, Martini, Sazerac, etc. A pint glass works just fine, but finding a ornate stirring glass like pictured always looks luxurious and pretty!
  • Bar Spoon: The sturdier spoon pictured with the black top. It is used for measuring “bar spoon” measurements, cracking ice, and swizzling ingredients in a glass with ice. Very versatile tool!
  • Stir Spoon: A stirring spoon used to do just that…stir the cocktail!  This is the more delicate looking spoon. This is the part of the cocktail process that is the most fun to me! Stirring a cocktail is very important for all booze cocktails, it makes the consistency very silky smooth. I don't care what they say always stir an all booze cocktail! 

Cocktail Strainers (left to right):

  • The Hawthorne Strainer is used to strain out shaken cocktails and fits perfectly in the tin on tin shakers. It has a gate that you push up to close when you pour out and it helps strain out ice chips and herbs, fruits, etc.
  • The Fine Strainer in the middle is used together with the Hawthorne strainer to ensure every bit of anything gets strained out. Usually used when straining a cocktail out up in a couple glass. Makes the cocktail look sleek and pristine.
  • The Julep Strainer originally was used back in the day to help with drinking juleps! It would hold the ice back so you could sip your delicious mint julep without spilling ice all over! Now we use it for pouring out boozy aromatic cocktails that we stir. It fits and cups perfectly in a pint and most stir glasses. This part can be very fun for your guests to watch. You will definitely impress them!

Jigger: A cocktail measuring tool in ounces (US). Makes you have consistent and balanced cocktails. I use a jigger every time I make a cocktail and I do this for a living! Very important tool!

Muddler: A cocktail tool used to muddle herbs, fruits, citrus, berries, vegetables when making a drink. You muddle in the tin. A good tip never muddle herbs too hard, you gently tap a few times. You don't want to bruise or rip apart the herbs. On other produce you definitely want to apply more pressure.

Shaker Tin: A shaker tin/cocktail shaker is used for making drinks with citrus, fruits, veggies, eggs, dairy, herbs and syrups. Metal on metal is the best and makes drinks the coldest. Shaking helps emulsify, froth up, and blend the shaken cocktail. The silver tin on the right side is what I use. Easy to handle and durable.