Death Becomes Her



“In one small bottle....The fountain of youth.  The secret of eternal life.  The power of an ancient potion.  Sometimes it works...sometimes it doesn’t.”  

This quote above from the 1992 iconic cult classic Death Becomes Her is something we all secretly are searching for, whether we want to admit it or not.  We all know what happened in this movie going to extreme lengths for eternal youth, but alas life is all about balance right?  We all want to look our best and why not do whatever we can in a healthy way to maintain our youthfulness.  Not to worry!  Here I have a balanced cocktail that in one small glass is the fountain of youth and the secret of eternal life and thankfully the alcohol will help with that too.  Wink wink!  Death Becomes Her is velvety smooth, delicious and a fun way to be festive for a birthday, Halloween or a Saturday night in.  Every cocktail consumed will make you say to yourself,  “Oh Madam!  You look younger every day!”


  • 1 Egg white
  • 1/2 oz. Lemon juice
  • 1/2 oz. Simple syrup
  • 1/2 oz. Aperol  
  • 1/2 oz. Grey Goose  
  • 1 capsule Hum Nutrition Collagen Love


Take out your shaker tin and all the ingredients.  Begin by cracking an egg and separating the white from the yolk.  Drop the egg white into the tin.  You can throw away the yolk or save for cooking or a flip style cocktail!  Next, take out your jigger and measure the rest of the ingredients individually and pour them into the shaker tin with the egg white.  Now get a Hum Nutrition Collagen Love capsule and carefully open and pour in.  Next, grab the tin and dry shake all ingredients for 10-15 seconds and then open the tin add ice and shake vigorously for another 10-15 seconds.  Lastly, grab you glassware, Hawthorne strainer and fine strainer and pour the cocktail out into the glass.  To make the cocktail extra pink on top I atomized some extra Aperol on top!  Enjoy!


A little background on the spirits and inclusions: 

Aperol:  Aperol was launched to the public in 1919 at the Padua International Fair in Italy.  Created by the Barbieri brothers and very quickly became one of Italy's beloved aperitvos!  Made from bitter orange peel, rhubarb, gentian root and chinchona bark.  Aperol is legendary and a staple at my home bar.  People usually enjoy in a Spritz but there are many ways to us it!

Grey Goose:  In 1996, founder of Grey Goose Sidney Frank had an idea to make a luxury Vodka for the American market.  He partnered with cognac producer Francois Thibault of France in order to transition his skills from cognac to vodka production.  They choose the location of France, due to the country's culinary history and to differentiate itself from other vodkas produced in Eastern Europe. The water used to produce the vodka came from natural springs in France filtered through limestone and made with locally produced French wheat.  Recently, I was lucky enough to stay at the Grey Goose Villa Le Logis in Cognac and be completely emerged in the brand.  Let me tell you they make no shortcuts and everything is done is the purest way.  Was very impressed with what they do and what they have accomplished, very inspiring!

Hum Nutrition Collagen Love:  Los Angeles based supplement brand that is sustainably sourced, non GMO, pure and potent ingredients, gluten free and no artificial colors or preservatives.  This particular product the Collagen Love helps keep fine lines and wrinkles under control by helping your skin produce more Collagen! Keeping it tight! Woohoo!